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Better biodiversity in Friesland

Ljeppershiem holiday park

At Ljeppershiem holiday park we do a lot to stimulate and protect nature. We like nature to 'take its own course a little'. We let the grass grow just a little longer so that insects can find food too. We don't always prune bushes and deliberately leave leaves lying around. Ideal for birds: we are proud that even the kingfisher sometimes shows itself at Ljeppershiem. With our philosophy, we contribute to better biodiversity in Friesland. You will fully enjoy it during your stay in one of our holiday homes!

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Land of puddle grass

Nature reserve Zwagermieden

Our holidaypark is surrounded nature. Zwagermieden is a beautiful compact nature reserve of 390 hectares near Westergeest that you can explore on foot, by bicycle or by car. A watery area with meadow birds and numerous other bird species and winter thousands of geese. In the southern part trees, in the northern part a more open character with clay and reeds. Bike paths and roads make this an easily accessible nature reserve. The Ljeppershiem is situated in a habitat of a large variety of birds. It's always a surprise which species show up. This differs every season, but it also depends on the weather and the time of day. For this reason our holidayhomes are named after Frisian bird names.

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