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Nature, culture and heritage

Peace and nature are overwhelming in the North-East of Friesland. But this unique region has much more to offer you. Interesting activities to discover the culture and history of North-East Friesland. Or one of the Wadden Islands. And what about a visit to Leeuwarden; the proud cultural capital in 2018. Lonely Planet included the province of Friesland - as a 'Hidden Pearl' - at spot 3 in it's top 10 best European destinations. The highest spot ever for a Dutch destination!

Below is a list of activities in Friesland that you can easily undertake from Vakantiepark Ljeppershiem. Sometimes even by bike! Don't feel like going out for a day? No worries: at our holiday park you can enjoy water sports (every holiday home has its own mooring) or relaxed fishing. Or just read a good book and enjoy the nature around you. At Ljeppershiem there are plenty of opportunities for children to fish, swim, fly kites and sail!

Bird paradise within cycling distance

Lauwersmeer National Park

Small town big history

Fortified town of Dokkum

Visit by train!

Frisian capital Leeuwarden

Visit this beautiful island!

Day trip Ameland

Visit this beautiful island!

Day trip to Schiermonnikoog

Discovering nature between Lits and Lauwers