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Who are we?

From February 1 2024, Holiday Park Ljeppershiem at Weardebuorsterwei 1B in Westergeest will change hands. We: Sjonny, Fardou, Willie and Fons will then take over the baton from Aldert and Nynke, who have built and operated the holiday park since 2018.

Ljeppershiem is a small-scale holiday park with a very natural layout, located just outside the friendly village of Westergeest. The park has several holiday homes. The homes are built entirely of sustainable materials and are clad all around with aged modiwood. The present holiday homes are already being rented out on a tourist basis. The zoning plan allows for a total of 22 holiday homes.

A pond has also been constructed on the site and there is a trailer slipway for launching boats into the open waterway the Nije Swemmer on which the park is located. This water is part of the Lits and Lauwers Route. Along the side near the holiday homes there are also mooring facilities for boats. There are also numerous other water sports possibilities such as fishing, swimming, supping, etc.  

As the new owners, we plan to further develop the holiday park under our own management, with the same natural and sustainable mindset. 

Our priority is the creation of new green wooded areas, the sowing of meadows with leguminous and herb-rich crops and the construction of natural paths, in order to shape the green oasis in which the holiday park will nestle and give it a chance to flourish.

Then, with our own efforts, and in cooperation with local entrepreneurs, we will sustainably build the holiday homes and realise holiday park Ljeppershiem to its full potential.

As young entrepreneurs, we have divided the tasks well.

The ladies Fardou and Willie form the management and will take care of the management and exploitation of the holiday park. With backgrounds in care, hospitality and retail, they are socially well versed in their new role as hostesses, but also know how to roll up their sleeves for the hand-and-hands that await us in operating the holiday park.

A carpenter by trade, Sjonny is the man with two right hands and a keen carpenter's eye and will be in charge of the construction of the homes and all the maintanace.

Fons is the financial mastermind of the operation and makes sure everything runs smoothly in the background.

With the four of us, we are confident that together we can handle all the upcoming challenges.

We all come from the area around Westergeest (Buitenpost, Triemen, De Westereen) and know the park and its surroundings well and therefore feel very involved in it.

Sjonny and Fardou are rolling in the deep just a little more and will occupy the energy-efficient company house at the park. They are very much looking forward to the adventure in their new living environment.

We are all very much looking forward to our new challenge and future at holiday park Ljeppershiem in Westergeest. We would also like to invite you to drop by and get acquainted!

Kind regards,

Sjonny, Fardou, Willie and Fons