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Lauwersmeer National Park

Bird paradise within cycling distance

National Park Lauwersmeer is located northeast of Dokkum. Just a few kilometres from Holiday Park Ljeppershiem. National Park Lauwersmeer offers a great diversity of nature and is above all a true bird paradise. Over 100 bird species breed in the area, in winter tens of thousands of geese winter here every year. Are you on holiday at Ljeppershiem in spring or autumn? Then you are in luck: in spring and autumn - during the annual bird migration - you can see 30,000 barnacle geese fly over on a single day. In short, a visit to Lauwersmeer National Park is a must during your holiday in Friesland!

Hiking and cycling

Staatsbosbeheer has set out eleven walks in the National Park. Many of them are marked with posts. They vary in length from 1.5 to 10 kilometres. From the Activity Centre Lauwersmeer, several routes can be walked, also geared towards children (with info signs with multiple choice questions along the way). There are also regular organised tours by the Forestry Commission. There is much to see and do. Explore nature, visit the colourful orchid field or the Waddenkwartier in the fishing harbour. There are also wonderful cycling routes. At the end of your day's holiday in Lauwersmeer National Park, it is a must to enjoy daily fresh fish in the connecting town of Lauwersoog.