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Fortified town of Dokkum


Dokkum is a town with a rich history. The old centre of the former fortified town is very pretty. The many narrow streets are a reminder of times gone by. Of course, Dokkum is also known for the famous Elfstedentocht. It is the last stamping place before the finish on the Bonkevaart in Leeuwarden. But Dokkum is also the city of Boniface, a saint who hoped to convert the Frisians to Christianity as well. He was miserably murdered in the year 754, just outside Dokkum.


Visiting Dokkum is easy from Holiday Park Ljeppershiem. You can get there in just a few minutes. You can park your car at one of the car parks. Of course it is also possible to go to Dokkum by bike. The advantage of cycling is that on the way, you can also enjoy the vast landscape of North-East Friesland. Double the enjoyment! Do you ride an electric bicycle? You can recharge your bike at your cottage. There is really no reason not to visit the historic town of Dokkum during your holiday in Friesland. And... after an active day in Dokkum, you can relax and enjoy your cottage in Friesland!



The famous ice skating turning point is located at the Vleesmarkt in the city centre.

De IJsfontein

A new fountain that is part of the 11 fountains project (under of Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018).

De Bonitafiuskapel

The pilgrimage chapel houses a reliquary in which part of Boniface's skull is kept.

De Bolwerken

Stroll along the historic city ramparts that also feature 2 beautiful windmills.

Het Admiraliteitshuis

Besides a permanent exhibition on Bonifatius, you'll find archaeological finds, Frisian pottery and textiles, among other things.

PS. Besides Museum Dokkum, the Admiralty House also houses the Tourist Information Point. This is the starting point for a lovely city walk through Dokkum!